Thank you for visiting Stellar Rush Entertainment, the source for 3D modeling and 3D animation.

Stellar Rush Entertainment creates intense, high quality 3D modeling and 3D animation using intriguing design and impressive attention capturing entertainment value.

Located in Redondo Beach, California, the South Bay of Los Angeles County, Stellar Rush Entertainment creates digital images designed to entice the viewer into your world, reveal the insight of your vision, and convey your commitment to your endeavor.

3D modeling and 3D animation are visual tools that can be used to dramatically enhance presentations, demonstrations, web site videos, and entertainment media through the imaginative use of:

  • Brand Logos
  • Logo Video Bumpers
  • Product, Process and Service Visualization
  • Entertainment Sequences Special Visual Effects
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Educational Visualization
  • Imagination Illustration
  • Emotional Impact